High, How are you? More Denver Photos

Since no one answered my post from Tuesday, I guess no one wins a cool Colorado prize :(. Oh well, I have a new little trinket for my apartment.

Here is the second half of photos from Denver:

“High…how are you doing?”

Colorado goes green

Bacon really does go on everything.

The bumper sticker says it all. Perfect for bikes too.

OK I admit it…I “borrowed” the slogan.

Eastern Colorado from the air.

Boulder Mountain park, looking north towards Fort Collins.

Now you know where your “cold as the mountain” beer comes from.

Finally, in honor of October. The Haunted Forest at Boulder Mountain Park. Do you dare….?

*Note: all photos are my property. If you choose to share the photos anywhere else you are free to do so but make sure you cite my blog as the original source. This provision also applies to all photos posted in the blogpost “New Vlog and photos” posted October 1, 2014; and also to any future blogposts on this site.


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