Photos from Miami

*News alert: If you didn’t see the news this morning, this horrific story from Pakistan where the Taliban says in a statement coordinated an attack on a Peshawar (capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa providence, which borders Afghanistan) school in retaliation for a Pakistani army offensive against Islamic extremists in North Waziristan and in nearby Khyber Providence. However, the Taliban could have had any number of reasons, including the hatred of anything seen as “Western”. Like Boko Haram, the Taliban only tolerate “Islamic education”. Click HERE to read the story.

To my original post: Here are a few photos from Miami. In the next blog post I’ll put in my third-to-last post of 2014, talking about seven-figure advances to debut authors with no celebrity status. Is this not a big deal, a normal business risk? Or are big publishers stupid for paying huge fees to authors who have no way of guaranteeing success? can an author’s career be damaged if s/he does not help the publisher recuperate the advance? We’ll talk about this.

For those of you who are Jewish: Happy Hanukkah!

Bonus: I’ll send a Miami mug to anyone who can answer the following before this Thursday, December 18, at 2 P.M. Look carefully at the photo from my hotel room overlooking Biscayne Bay. What hotel did I stay in? Hint: The hotel was part of a well-known chain.

pre-dinner cocktail reception. Free beer! I had two Coronas with a lime wedge.

conference post-dinner dessert

home of “Mr. 305” Pitbull.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

View from my hotel room, Biscayne Bay

outside Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

downtown Miami late afternoon

plane from Miami to Philly was about half-empty. Friday night to Philly in December must not be popular.


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