Will you be S.A.D. on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is our annual reminder of Singles Awareness Day (SAD) for those of us who will not spend time with our significant others because we don’t have any. Now we single people (especially us guys) may appreciate not having to spend a lot of money on various flowers, chocolates, jewelry, teddy bears, or nice dinners, but the number of people who truly enjoy single-hood is lower than the number of people who would be happy (even if grudgingly) pick up the phone or visit a website and make a reservation at a restaurant if only to be with someone they love when most everyone else we know is.

Yes, Valentine’s Day may be a (formerly) Christian holiday which now has a lot of commercial aspects to it, like Christmas, but I am sure the hundreds of people who will blow up my social media feeds this weekend (if they haven’t already) will not care one iota about this fact as they take a moment to celebrate life with someone they love.

Speaking of love, one of my close personal friends just got married yesterday to his long-time fiancée. I am extremely happy for both of them and I wish them the best going forward. It was a small ceremony with fewer than ten people allowed into the room because it was a court wedding. But the looks on the bride and groom’s faces was worth even more than the beautiful wedding rings they gave each other.

Now don’t misunderstand me- I’m not jealous; I am truly happy for everyone who will be happy tomorrow. As of this writing I am O.K. being single because I understand relationships and (gulp!) marriage is a big commitment and a life-changer at that. I would like to be in a better financial and living situation before I think I would be ready to go ring-shopping for anyone.

So that’s my 2 minute observation about a day where instead of romance I’ll spring for the vodka, pizza, and a few House of Cards episodes and hope that is more than enough compensation.

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