New Publisher Book Review Partnership

I’m excited to announce that I will review my first novel from Red Adept Publishing as a book reviewer for select books they publish and send to me. I will read the book and interview the author as part of their author’s blog tour.

I am not being paid or otherwise compensated in any way to offer these reviews or interviews, but this gives me a chance to build my blog platform and give you, the reader, a chance to know what other books and authors are available besides ones from “Big Five” publishers.

The first book I will review and post an interview for is Skeleton Run by John L. DeBoer. I will have two posts: First, the interview, and then, my honest review of the novel. It’s a political thriller and I look forward to reading it. My interview will be published June 18 and the book review right after, so mark it down on your calendars because I’m sure you’re all so excited to hear my thoughts about other author’s work :D.

I am available as a book reviewer elsewhere (for now, anyway), and I don’t charge but of course not everything is free in this world (including your e-books) and so I generally will ask a favor later, such as, reviewing my books on your blog when they are finally published sometime later this year. Or, some other minor favor TBD.

In the meantime I’ll review some other books I’ve read recently. For Thursday I’ll review the book Shadowland, by Peter Straub. This book is going to be made into an NBC TV Series, expected to be out later this Fall. I’m looking forward to this series, and I hope you will catch me on Thursday when I release this review.


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