We Don’t Say Thanks Enough

Our lives are routinely full of distractions, not only with work, family (if you have one), school (if you’re still there), but also writing, blogging, tweeting, exercising (hahahaha!) and whatever else it is going on. We gain followers online who sometime who sometimes become friends, and occasionally we fend off haters. But rarely do we remember to say thanks.

On Saturday, America will commemorate the 71st anniversary of D-Day, when thousands upon thousands of brave men were orders to cross the English Channel and land at Normandy, at one of five beaches where the Nazis were fortified and waiting. Despite the massive casualties, the Allies persevered, and ended up over-running the Nazis and their allies, many of whom were forced to shoot at the Allies from bunkers. This brave sacrifice led to the eventual collapse of the German Army, though the Soviets advancing on the east contributed  greatly. To all those who served, and who died, we say thanks.

However, today’s thanks is about you, the dear reader. I’ve now passed over 2,000 reads on this blog, and 60 followers. Every week this number grows, and it encourages me to keep blogging. We all do what we can to try to make it.

So thanks again for reading my blog, and I look forward to reading yours!


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