Turning my Blog into a Phoenix

my first year of blogging was not quite what I expected. I thought blogging was really easy, after all I had to do was just punching a bunch of words and somehow people would find out what I was saying. However, blogging takes a lot of work and it requires a lot more. That’s why I am going to change my focus beginning next month and reorient it towards helping my business grow. Essentially, it will be reborn like the phoenix.

I will keep essentially an ongoing diary of what it means to start and run a small business, and on writing fiction for younger people. I will share what I learned, and milestones as well. I will continue with author interviews, but I want to focus more on books for kids and young adults, which is in line with my writing style and on how I intend to market the business. I will honor any interview offers I already made, but when they are done, it’s time to be a little more me, with a real niche, and less scattered all over the place the way i’ve been. I will also adhere to a more consistent weekly schedule.

for those of you who have been loyal readers, I hope you will continue to follow. You will learn something and you will be entertained, because I can already tell you there’s a bunch of things to share. Thank you and looking forward to the new style coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Turning my Blog into a Phoenix

  1. Good luck with your business and your writing, Sam. The genre niche you’ve chosen for your books, though, is not what I read, so I’ll have to bid you a fond adieu. I have enjoyed our interactions. All the best, John


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