Why I Don’t Bother With #NaNoWriMo

For all you writers out there, you know this is the month you’re supposed to put out 50,000 words to “get to it”, to show you can produce some great literary work. Or at least get most of your next book done.

I don’t know how many of you several hundred monthly readers of this blog actually write, and how many of you actually bother with this month. I won’t bother pushing myself this month, for the following reasons:

  • For me, I treat EVERY freaking month like this. While 50,000 words is a tall order, I don’t like to wait around for that special time of year to be told to ‘bust my butt’.
  • For all you writing on the side while working 1 or more jobs: just saying you’ll write 50,000 words a month is a lofty goal that is more inspirational than realistic. If you live in the states, take at least 2 days off for Thanksgiving weekend. For those of you who don’t write, a full-time writer like your favorite multimillionaire author ___________ can easily write 50,000 words a month, if s/he is doing it full time and able to write about 5,000 words a day for 10 days a month. The rest of us? Write in our spare time, fortunately to make time in a day to get to writing.
  • Already booked up this month. Let’s just say the soccer league I ref got waaay more interesting on the weekends, and I have other projects going on.

Feel free to participate in NaNoWriMo and enjoy yourself. I, however, will write when I can and just continue with my normal writing schedule.

Are you participating this month? How many words do you honestly think you’ll get done?


15 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Bother With #NaNoWriMo

  1. I agree, Sam. 50K words a month just because it’s November? Give me a break. I feel good if I can get in 7.5K words in a month. Since most of my novels are 80-90 K words, we’re talking most of a year getting that puppy done. Which suits me fine. I do have other stuff to do besides write.

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    • John, this goes into the whole argument between those who say you have to write quickly versus those who think you need to take lots of time to write a great story. I just spoke to a parent whose teen daughter was excited for NaNoWriMo. Perhaps as a means of motivation to get something done. Great music on your homepage, by the way. If your novel had been made into a movie, this is a great song for opening credits. Or after the boat explosion scene.


  2. When your next book comes out, have your publisher send it my way and I’ll give you another book review. The blog has actually grown- several hundred unique every month and growing. So you’ll reach more blog readers than when I reviewed your first novel.


  3. (I thought I’d posted this yesterday, but I don’t see it. If this is a repeat, never mind.)

    Thanks, Sam. But while you’re waiting, I do have other books already out there that could use an insightful review of yours. 🙂


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