A Tip for Getting Featured on Wattpad

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I got a note from one of Wattpad’s Ambassadors, which is (for those who don’t know) an unpaid position to help Wattpad monitor the site to keep it clean (or at least that’s my impressions anyway) saying they liked my store enough that they’d like to feature it when I finish posting it, in late March. Of course, I accepted it.

Here’s what the Ambassador said:

Your story will get a week or so pinned to the top of it’s genre List, then it’ll join the main part of the List. Each section of the List is randomised each day to give everyone an equal chance. Although we ask for six months, we’re happy to leave the story up there longer if the writer is happy and the story remains complete. Anyone with a Wattpad account can see your story and the Featured Lists are given prominence on various home pages on App and Web so you should see your exposure grow.

I’ve heard it’s difficult to get a story featured, because there is only so much space to promote work and so many stories to read. In this way, I’m grateful, even though I won’t make any money from the story. The network is about 40 million people, which means many potential readers.

My tip is this: You may ask for a story to be featured even if you haven’t posted it. Right now I have a third of the book posted, and while I am promising to post the rest of the story a month earlier than I had scheduled myself to, I must have impressed the Ambassador after 10 chapters because that’s how many were up when I received the offer. Actually, what happened was, I thought you sent them a PDF and if they read it and liked it, they would post and feature your story. So I  told them I would post it and be in touch when it was done. The Ambassador then checked out my story a third of the way in and liked what he saw.

It should be a fun experiment. I’ll keep you posted. In case you’re wondering, the goal is to see if I can get enough reads either to a) attract a publisher and publish traditionally or b) get enough supporters to then promote book 2, and this way if I can’t get a publisher and I self-publish, I’ll have a bigger audience than if I self-published this second.







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