Getch’a popcorn ready: Thor vs. Alexander the Great (and 3 things I learned from pivoting)

How do you know when it’s time to pivot to a new idea?

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with that out of the way, today’s feature: Why I moved to Greeks v. Norsemen.

I created Heroes of History with the intention of not only making a fun game, but to let people use it as an education tool, learning some facts while they battle for glory. The US History set has sold hundreds of copies in 3 months of selling, an impressive feat for an indie tabletop game. While I’m pleased with the effort, I had the urge it was worth trying something different. Many people liked the game but responded even more positively to world history, so after listening to feedback I decided a pivot to Greeks and Norsemen made the most sense.

What I learned from this pivot:

  1. People just want to be entertained. I did my best to make the learning fun, but I ended up making the fun learning. Having Thor wield Mjolnir and facing down The Argonauts carrying Artemis’s Bow in the Palace of Knossos (commonly called the Minotaur’s Lair) just got way more people excited than Robert E. Lee vs. George Washington fighting at Saratoga. Okay, maybe they have a point.
  2. Changing the style worked. Whereas Midnight Riders vs. Echoes of the Plains was made in a colonial artwork style, Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders was done more in a fantasy style. We also changed the layout for the cards.
  3. By pivoting, I prevented myself from being boxed in to doing US History only. Most of the world could  care less about US History, but when they  see it’s a global theme, people begin to imagine Romans, Pirates, Wild West outlaws and lawmen, 1920s Mobsters, Aztecs, Celts, ancient Chinese and Japanese, and Inca in an all world brawl.

My tip to you: Whether it’s books or tabletop, it’s okay to pivot. Tomorrow I’ll go back to books and talk about why I pivoted on Era of Bradan.

I’d like to know what you think: Have you ever created something and then felt the need to pivot in order to improve upon your work?


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